Operations Overview

Hunt Oil Company Peru

Hunt Oil Company of Peru is committed to protecting the environment in which we operate and takes pride in conducting our business in a safe and responsible manner. We are also committed to conducting business safely. Our aim is to create a workplace culture that integrates safety into all business activities. HOCP recognizes that public involvement goes beyond informing people. It is our responsibility to provide interested and affected parties with an opportunity for open and honest communication that promotes integration of stakeholder values into our decision making. Our commitments are embodied in our Environment, Safety and Community Affairs policies.

Environmental & Social Impacts
At Hunt Oil Company of Peru, social responsibility is about self-regulating our business by monitoring and ensuring our adherence to regulations, ethical standards and international norms. This means translating our policy commitments into practical actions by identifying, avoiding or minimizing the potentially negative impact of our activities on the environment, employees, communities and other stakeholders in the public sphere. HOCP proactively maximizes the beneficial impacts of our activities on communities and development regardless of whether it is a legal requirement.